Adam McCarthy
Animation/Art Director
 (310) 592-0847


Over 19 years of art development and animation experience in the Games and Entertainment industry.  Extensive knowledge of Art and Character Animation techniques, with a proven track record of superior artistic achievement on numerous software titles. A strong leadership ability to translate art direction into effective design solutions. A passionate worker, with a diplomatic demeanor.  A quick study and a creative problem solver.

Company:  Zynga
Position: Animation Director
Description: Responsible for running the animation team and developing the look and style of animation for each project.  Other responsibilities include modeling, texturing, and rigging characters, buildings and units/vehicles.

Company:  Yu+co
Position: Animation Supervisor
Project: Turk Telecom: Marvel Super Hero Squad, and Marvel Universe
Description: Responsible for running the animation team and developing the look and style of animation for each project.  I did all the interviewing and hiring for the project, and managed the schedule and acted as quality control for all final animation assets, as well as being the lead animator and working on the more complex shots.  All animation was completed for two sixty second spots in a 6 week period, with 2 animators in the first two weeks, and 6 animators in the last 4 weeks.

Company:  Electronic Arts
Position: Animation Director
Description: Responsible for running the animation team and developing the look and style of animation for each project.  Responsibilities include: Building an animation team from scratch by interviewing from within and outside of the company.  Working with the producers and design team to create a work schedule for a team of up to 7 animators, tracking and scheduling their work, reviewing the work with each animator, and training junior animators on animation techniques.  Also responsible for planning several motion capture shoots for each project.  I create the shot list based off of the needs of the project as defined by the design team, and work closely with the Mocap studio to set up the shoot, audition Mocap actors, and direct the actors for each shoot.  I create the motion capture pipeline, from data delivery to clean-up, through to implementation into the game.  For several projects I learned .XML editing and trained my team to implement, test, and polish animation assets in the game engine, which alleviated the bottleneck at the engineering implementation stage.  I possess strong leadership skills, with many years experience in getting the best work out of each artist that works with me.  Titles at EA:  Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth, Battle for Middle Earth 2, Command and Conquer 3, Red Alert 3, Command and Conquer 4

2002 to 2003:
Company:  Black Ops Entertainment, Santa Monica, CA
Position: Lead Artist
Description: Lead artist for the Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines game for Playstation, Game Cube and Xbox.  My responsibilities include managing a team of 14 artists, and supervising all artwork to insure quality and consistency.  My main job was to focus on the weakest sections of the game, and to work closely with the artists to raise the quality in the areas that need the most improvement.

2001 to 2003: 
Company:  Max Ink Café, Venice, CA. Brain Zoo, Van Nuys, CA
Position:  Freelance Character Animator
Description:  Cinematic character animation.  Both “realistic” and “cartoon” style animation for game cinematics.

2001 to 2002: 
Company:  Rapid Eye Entertainment, Inc., San Diego, CA
Position: Character Designer
Description:  Both low and high-poly character modeling, texturing, and animation of characters, objects and environments for a fantasy-based RTS.

1997 to 2001:
Company:      New World Computing (a 3DO company), Agoura Hills, CA
Position:    Principal Artist, Lead Character Animator, Cinematic Animator
Description: My main responsibility was to supervise and create all character animations for several game titles, including Might and Magic VI, VII, and VIII, Heroes of Might and Magic III, Heroes III: Armageddon’s Blade, Heroes III: Shadow of Death, Legends of Might and Magic, and Heroes for Playstaion 2. I also directed which artist was to accomplish the appropriate artwork, managed a staff of 4 artists (character animators), developed a production flow, charted production, maintained continuity, interfaced with the Art Director and ensured the quality of the content. Responsibilities included design, modeling, texture mapping, lighting and animation of characters. I personally created all of the main characters for the games and was given the responsibility to design and create the box covers for three different titles. I was the lead character animator on the cinematic team responsible for completing all of the character animations for all cinematics. I was also responsible for helping to develop the cinematics from writing story ideas, dialog, and storyboarding.

1993 to 1997
Company:      Iguana Entertainment, Austin, TX
Position:    Character Design, Interface Designer
Description:   Game titles developed for multiple platforms including the PC, SEGA Saturn, Sony Playstation and Nintendo N64. My responsibility was the design and development of the environments, interface design, editing for intros, cut scenes, and game trailers. Game credits include:  Side Pocket, Pirates of Darkwater, Aero the Acrobat 2, NFL Quarterback club '95, NFL Quarterback club '96, NFL Quarterback club '97, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter 2, and Iggy's Wreckin' Balls.


West Valley College, Saratoga, CA:
General Education, Life Drawing, and Art History
Master's Institute, San Jose, CA:
Associate Science Degree in Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing

Personal Instruction:
Art classes at San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA
Life Drawing at Associates in Art, Van Nuys, CA
Life Drawing, Painting, and Animation with Sheldon Borenstein at DPI Institute
Life Drawing and Figure Study with Steve Huston
Character Design and animation at The Animation Academy, Burbank, CA

Applicable Skills:

3D Studio Max, Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere

Games Credits List

2012: Empires and Allies (Web)

Electronic Arts:
2010: Command and Conquer 4 (PC)
2008: Red Alert 3 (PC, PS3, Xbox360)
2007: Command and Conquer 3 (PC, Xbox360)
2006:  Lord of the Rings: The Battle For Middle Earth 2 (PC, Xbox360)
2004:  Lord of the Rings: The Battle For Middle Earth (PC)

Black Ops Entertainment:
2003: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (PS2, Xbox)

Rapid Eye Entertainment:
2003: Lords of Everquest (PC)

New World Computing:
2002: Heroes of Might and Magic 4 (PC)
2001: Legends of Might and Magic (PC)
2000: Might and Magic 8 (PC)
2000: Heroes Chronicles Series (PC)
1999: Might and Magic 7 (PC)
1999: Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (PC)
1998: Might and Magic 6 (PC)

Iguana Entertainment/Acclaim:
1998: Iggy’s Wreckin’ Balls (N64)
1996: NFL Quarterback Club ’97 (PlayStation, Saturn,PC)
1995: NFL Quarterback Club ’96 (Saturn, Genesis, Game Boy, Game Gear, SNES, PC)
1994: NFL Quarterback Club (SNES, GameBoy, Genesis, 32X)
1994: Aero the Acro-Bat 2 (SNES, Genesis)
1994: Pirates of Darkwater (Genesis)
1993: Side Pocket (SNES)